Costume Party Screenshot


The rules are simple, players take turns leaning their head left or right to select costume items. In this example, player two is selecting the mustache icon...

Costume Party Screenshot with mustaches


...causing mustaches to magically appear on everyone's face! Players can mix and match costume items and taking funny pictures along the way. 

Now let's take a look at how this was all created!

Producer - Lauren Toosevich
Tech Artists - Joshua Law, Alex Guillard
Artists - Cody Drake, Wendy Wong
Game Designer - Adam Simpson
Character flip book


I was inspired by character flip books and the drawing activity Exquisite Corpse. I wondered if there was a way to translate these concepts into an interactive filter...

Scary Cat Messenger filter


I wanted to leverage popular filters that had already been created. This scary cat filter was very popular during Halloween, so it was a great candidate!

Costume party storyboard


I created a storyboard that detailed out the flow of the experience. In the initial design, players took turns leaning left or right to grab moving icons. If the head, eye, and mouth items match, a special animation would play.

Costume party prototype outfits
Costume party paper prototype snippets

I constructed a paper prototype that emulated the entire experience, including the icons and costume pieces.

Adam wearing paper prototype costumes


During testing session, I noticed participants enjoyed making other people wear silly outfits. The positive feedback encouraged us to take the design to the next level!

Costume Party flowchart diagram


I made some revisions to the design based on all of the feedback I received during testing, and I fleshed out the design in more detail.

I passed the design off to the tech artists, and they began constructing the full Costume Party experience. But it wasn't all easy... We ran into a few complications!

We had limited space for art materials within each effect. This caused us to make artistic sacrifices to the quality of some of the art pieces, and we had to swap out some parts for new ones.  Luckily we were able to come out with 12 costume items that looked great in game.

Some of the costume pieces were causing glitches when paired with other items. Through extensive testing, we were able to identify and alter any pairings that caused glitchy facial distortions.

Costume Party was one of the most-used interactive effects on real-time calls for Messenger!


Here's a peek at the gameplay for Costume Party! (No Sound)

After Costume Party, I designed dozens of other fun games for Facebook Messenger! 
Here are a few of my favorites:
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Pineapple Badminton
Narwhals vs. Unicorns
Narwhals vs. Unicorns
Chubby Bunny
Chubby Bunny
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